Traditional Korean Market Comment Event!

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Event Description

Event Period
September 30 – November 8, 2019
Winner Announcement
November 15, 2019
(The list of winners will be posted on the notice board of the event page.)


  • Cheong Yeon Jae Hanok Hotel Voucher

    (valid for 2 nights)

    2 People

  • Dooreyu Michelin-starred Restaurant Voucher

    (Free Lunch Course for Two People)

    5 People

  • Onnuri Gift Gard

    (worth 50,000 won)

    20 People

  • Korean Souvenir

    40 People

  • Choose a prize you would like to win in this event.
  • A gift card which can be used at traditional Korean markets.
  • It can be shipped to your address in Korea or any other places in the world.

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Select the traditional market you would like to visit!
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Namdaemun Market

Korea’s most renowned traditional market with 600 years of history that offers a diversity of goods


Tongin Market

Korea’s most exciting food street with a length of 300 meters


Mangwon Market

The trendiest spot recently beloved by younger generations and artists looking for delicious “glazed fried chicken bites” and “croquettes”


Singi Market (United)

A legendary Saturday night market known to be made by mountain goblins, where “Mysterious Night Goblin Playground” takes place


Suwon Nammun

Korea’s one and only market established 220 years ago by calling for merchants at the king’s command


Gukje Market, Bupyeong
Kkangtong Market,
Jagalchi Market

Korea’s top three exotic and energetic markets located in Busan


Seomun Market

A place with an access to a wide range of fashion items including unique fabrics, accessories, and traditional and trendy clothes


1913 Songjeong
Station Market

A 100-year-old traditional market where old shops coexist with new boutiques run by youth


Andong Gu
Market Alliance

A market preserving the traditional Korean culture the best


Jeongseon Arirang

A fifth-day market full of local specialties from mountainous areas such as wild vegetables, bellflower roots, and buckwheat


Wonju Jungang Market

A place having been reborn as a trendy and lively market led by young vendors with a focus on promoting culture and tourism


Chuncheon Jungang

A place where you can enjoy Chuncheon-style spicy chicken in the alley with lovely murals


Sokcho Tourist &
Fishery Market

A market full of freshly caught seafood from the blue East Sea


Yukgeori Market &
Seongangil Shopping

A market full of delicious food that will satisfy your eyes, ears, and mouth at once


Danyang Gugyeong

“Gugyeong Market,” the Ninth Sight of Danyang that you must visit


Jeonju Nambu

Jeonju Nambu Market, a must-visit place for a gourmet tour in Korea


Namwon Gong Seol

A market crowded with young travelers fascinated by the story of “Chunghyang” and “Wolmae” from a Korean classic novel


Seocheon Specialty

A “seafood museum” that shows the West Sea as it is


Gongju Sanseong

A market famous for nutrient-rich “Gongju chestnuts” with a nutty note


Seogwipo Everyday
Olle Market

The biggest and oldest market in “Jeju,” a beautiful island in the southernmost of Korea

View the comments left for the event

  • 通仁市場


    落合*** 2019-11-10

  • 通仁市場


    Cheng Ka *** 2019-11-09

  • Mangwon Market

    I love the fried pork cutlet , it so crisp and at reasonable price

    Voo Peh Li*** 2019-11-09

  • 六街市場&城內路商店街

    我最愛食街頭特色小食,這市場有南韓別具特色的食物,血腸、雪濃湯 等等, 很期待到六街市場發掘更多美食

    *** 2019-11-08

  • 西歸浦每日偶來市場


    CHIEN LING*** 2019-11-08

  • 旌善アリラン市場

    そばが好きなので、韓国のそば料理が気になります。 江原道のそば粉を使った郷土料理が食べられるというので、旌善アリラン市場に行ってみたいです。 また、市場の中で伝統公園や旌善アリランを聞くことができるというのが魅力的だと思います。

    SHIOZAWA HAR*** 2019-11-08

  • 望遠市場

    首爾傳統市場 見證時代演變 韓劇中 見到當地人也常去 具有濃濃的當地生活色彩 而且傳統市場就像每個城市的廚房

    LEE WING S*** 2019-11-08

  • Tongin Market

    I love Korea, as well as the great deal of variety of foods it offers, so Tongin Market is a perfect place for a food lover like me. I watched several videos and vlogs of people visiting the Tongin Market and they gave good reviews and it excite me more to visit and explore the place.

    Tracy Erika Agu*** 2019-11-08

  • 南大門市場


    TANAKA Ay*** 2019-11-08

  • Singi Market (United)

    I can enjoy it here completely. because This is a traditional market visited by domestic and foreign tourists of various ages. It is close to Incheon International Airport and the filming sites of popular K-dramas (Incheon Songdo Central Park and Jayu Park). Inside the market are a sculpture modeled after the Singi Coin (yeopjeon) and a museum of Incheon’s SK Wyverns baseball team. Over the years, the market has grown into a traditional market representing Incheon with a variety of eateries and events.

    Mubarak Ali Pain*** 2019-11-08

  • Mangwon Market


    SU HSUEH HSI*** 2019-11-08

  • Mangwon Market

    想去望遠市場體驗最道地的韓國美食小吃,感受韓國傳統市場的氛圍 最近剛好要去韓國自由行,希望可以深入韓國,體驗不一樣的玩法

    WU XIN*** 2019-11-08

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