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Jeongseon Arirang Market

  • A fifth-day market full of local specialties from mountainous areas such as wild vegetables, bellflower roots, and buckwheat 
  • This market takes place on days ending with 2 and 7. When the market is held on Saturday, you will also be able to enjoy exciting performances that includes Samul Nori and Jeongseon Arirang in their repertoires.
  • 39, Bongyang 7-gil, Jeongseon-eup, Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do

  • Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330

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Founded in 1966, Jeongseon Arirang Market is in a mixed form of a permanent market and a fifth-day market starting on the 2nd day of every month. The market specializes mainly in agricultural goods such as chili peppers, balloon flower roots, potatoes, and garlics grown in the region, and because you can purchase these fresh products directly from farmers, you can get them at surprisingly affordable prices. 
Not so far from the market, you can find a medicinal herb market that offers medicinal herbs such as Jeongseon’s signature products, like milk vetch root, giant angelica, and kneeling angelica. Jeongseon Arirang Market has been attracting a number of tourists every year thanks to the Jeongseon Arirang Train, which was launched in 1999. The market is improving its customer services by offering Jeongseon Arirang Performance a few times a day with train timetable taken into account.

09:00–18:00 on weekdays

Fifth-Day Market : On the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, and 22nd days of the month 
Weekend Market : On Saturdays


A free parking lot for marker customers (accommodating up to 1,500 vehicles) within 300 meters of the market

Famous eateries

- Seasoned cirsium with rice

- Buckwheat noodle soup
- Synurus deltoides rice cakes

Tourist Attractions Nearby

- Jeongseon Rail Bike

- Hwaam Cave

- Grimbawi Art Village

- Byeongbangchi Skywalk & Zipline

Regional Festivals

Jeongseon Arirang Festival (in late September or early October)

Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters, 10 Segye-ro,
Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 26464, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-33-738-3000