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Seomun Market

  • A place with an access to a wide range of fashion items including unique fabrics, accessories, and traditional and trendy clothes
  • It is the largest market in Daegu, the center of textile and clothing industry. At seven o’clock every evening, Korea’s largest night market will be held, accompanied by an exciting festival.
  • 45, Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu

  • Travel Hotline : +82-2-1330

    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


Designated as a Traditional Market for Foreigners to Visit, Seomun Market has been widely known as one of Korea’s Top Three Traditional Markets that took its form during the mid-Joseon period.
The market consists of eight shopping centers filled with about 5,000 shops, accommodating up to 20,000 vendors. It is particularly known for specializing in high-quality hanbok, clothes, beddings, fabrics, and curtains. It also offers a variety of goods encompassing accessories, kitchenware, fruits, vegetables, and dried and fresh seafood.  
Korea’s largest permanent night market is held here. By offering 80 types of street foods and things to buy as well as hosting different cultural events on a regular basis, it has become a globally-known tourist attraction equipped with Media Façade and Play Zone. Seomun Song Festival and nearby Seomun Hanok Guesthouse are also on the what-not-to-miss list.

09:00–19:00 everyday
* Closed on the first and third Sundays of the month


A parking tower and a public parking lot (accommodating up to 800 vehicles) within about 10 meters of the market
(When visiting the night market, parking inside the market is not allowed. It is recommended that you use a nearby paid parking lot.)

Famous eateries

- Food court at the underground shopping center in District 2 : Noodle soup, hand-pulled dough soup, sugar-filled griddlecake, spicy stewed pork ribs, and spicy fish cakes 
- Things to eat at the night market : tripe, pho, steak, beef jerky, and desserts

Tourist Attractions Nearby

Hyangchon Cultural Center - Daegu Modern History Museum - Dongseongno Street - Gukchaebosang Memorial Park - Kim Kwang Suk Memorial Mural Road - Bongsan Culture Street - Cheongna Hill – Seomun Market

Regional Festivals

- Seomun Market Global Festival 
- Colorful Daegu Festival
- Daegu Chimac Festival

Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters, 10 Segye-ro,
Wonju-si, Gangwon-do 26464, Republic of Korea
TEL +82-33-738-3000